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12 Cones x 40g Henna Mehndi Paste


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Henna/Mehndi, the art of applying henna paste to the skin to produce a stain, is hot in the United States right now.  You see it being done at amusement parks, beaches, and even shopping malls.  You don't have to pay a professional to give you a temporary henna tattoo.  It's fun and easy to do yourself!

Follow these steps for quick and easy henna tattoo application:

  1. Gather henna, paper towels, a damp wash cloth (to remove mistakes), a straigt pin (to remove any clogs in your cone or nozzle), and mehndi oil (optional).
  2. Wash area well. Do not use a lotion based soap. A swipe of rubbing alcohol helps.
  3. Mix henna thoroughly.  Carefully knead cone or tube for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  4. Make a VERY small cut at the tip of the cone or remove cap from henna tube.
  5. For cones, squeeze out about 1/4 inch of paste.  For tubes, apply desired applicator tip.
  6. Hold tip close to skin (or touch skin lightly) and slowly squeeze henna from cone, creating designs. Experiment with techniques. The thicker your lines, the darker the color.
  7. If you make a mistake, quickly wipe off henna with a damp cloth or paper towel.
  8. Wipe end of cone or tube.  For tubes, replace cap and wash applicator tip. Refrigerate to keep henna fresh longer.
  9. Allow henna dry for at least 1 hour. Leave henna on longer to deepen color.  You can also apply a henna sealer after the henna is set, but before it is dry.  This will allow you to keep your henna on for hours (even overnight) to produce a much darker color.
  10. Gently scrape off dried henna with your fingernail.
  11. Optional-To deepen color and help design last longer, apply a thin layer of mehndi oil over design.

Your design will last about 5-7 days without henna oil, depending on your skin tone.  With care, it can last 2-3 weeks

To make your design last longer...

  • Wear gloves when your hands come in contact with chemicals (when cleaning especially)
  • Use gentle soap when washing hands (stay away from any type of exfoliating soaps)
  • Wear rubber gloves when washing your hair
  • Apply henna oil over your design before showering .

How to use as a hair colour:-

* Iron vessel to be used for a darker
shade (tint)
* Apply the henna paste
parting the hair closely-for a
thorough application.
* If using merely as a conditioner
henna plus can be washed after an
hour. If using as a dye wait for 3
hours or till it starts drying and
cracking up.
* Now rinse thoroughly and shampoo.
* Whipped egg can be added to the
paste for extra shine and silky

No artificial/chemical ingredient is used

  • Model: KMR0100778
  • Manufactured by: Singh

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