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nalAmudhu Dried Unsalted Unroasted Cucumber Seeds 250g

nalAmudhu Dried Unsalted Unroasted Cucumber Seeds 250g

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Cucumber seeds contain antioxidants and flavonoids that may help lower cholesterol levels. They also contain beta-carotene, which may help with building immunity, skin, eyes, and preventing cancer. Cucumber seeds also contain fiber, which can help with digestion and promote regular bowel movements.

Here are some other benefits of cucumber seeds:
  • Hydration: Cucumber seeds are made up of water, which can help your body detoxify.
  • Skin health: Cucumber seed oil contains essential fatty acids that can help boost collagen production, soothe inflammation, and promote cell regeneration.
  • Brain health: The copper content of cucumber seeds can help stimulate neurotransmission, which may improve brain coordination.
  • Other benefits of cucumbers include:
  • Low glycemic index
  • Cucumbers have a low glycemic index because of their limited carbohydrate content.

Cucumbers contain soluble fiber, which can slow digestion. The water and fiber content can also help prevent constipation and keep bowel movements regular.

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