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nalAmudhu Jathikai Jaiphal Jathikka Jajikaya Nutmeg whole-100g

nalAmudhu Jathikai Jaiphal Jathikka Jajikaya Nutmeg whole-100g

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Nutmeg / Jajikaya / Jatikka whole What is the benefit of Jathikai? Jaathikai is used to improve the overall health. It has antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti-rheumatic, analgesic, digestive, and comforting properties. Contains powerful antioxidants.

What is the use of nutmeg?

In foods, nutmeg is used as a spice and flavoring. In manufacturing, nutmeg oil is used as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetics. Nutmeg oil is distilled from worm-eaten nutmeg seeds.

The worms remove much of the starch and fat, leaving the portions of the seed that are rich in oil.

How much nutmeg can I take daily?

1 to 2mg a day How much nutmeg is safe per day? While there are no specific guidelines on how much nutmeg you should have per day,

it is recommended that you should not exceed 1 to 2mg a day. Studies suggest that toxic reactions occur when taken at 5g and above.

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